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. ATRIBUTOS DEDIOS. Distinguir entre los dos significados del término. Relacionado · If you are currently experiencing technical problems with the website, please try to reload the page, and if the problems persist, please email us. You may also contact our. When the user clicks on the new version of the game the program opens up and displays a large pop up window informing the user of the new features and functionality. Click Next to accept, or Close to cancel. The user will then have the opportunity to reboot the computer. The user is prompted to enter their Username and Password. . Change. 1. 0. The system will then check the product key installed on the computer.Q: How to get the text from a part of a picture? I have a picture and I want to get the text from it. This is how it is: What I want to do is to find the string "Pelp - Not in 2012". The region is not centered on the image. In fact it can be more or less to the left and right, because the string could be in the middle of the image, not necessarily on the middle. I've tried with many methods like findContours and thresholding, but I don't know how to use it properly to find my object. A: If you want to do it with Matlab you can use the bwlabel function. For example you can do the following. % Get Image im = imread(''); % Get the color information of the main text text = rgb2gray(im); % Create a binary mask with the main text text_threshold = bwlabel(text); % Extract only the text text_main = imerode(text_threshold, [10 10]); % Text in the main part of the image text_main_final = text_main(:,:,1); % Final image with only the text image_final = imerode(im, text_main_final); The code above is not optimized at all. In fact it's just an example. You should explore

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